Cherokee County Projects

Due to COVID-19 Phase 2 restrictions, we are not inviting public participation in our projects at this time.

The Master Gardener Volunteers of Cherokee County have several on-going projects that welcome the public as volunteers. Our projects all involve non-profit organizations that need help with education, planting, maintenance, design, and manpower. If you are interested in volunteering to help in our County, take a look at our project list and sign up to volunteer.

The following projects welcome public participation:

Cherokee Count Historical MuseumLocation: Murphy, NC

Create perennial native flower garden out in front of the museum.

Project entails: Planting, mulching, weeding, watering.

Contact: Tom Benecke @ 828-644-5885


Marble Springs Outdoor Education AreaLocation: Marble, NC.

Project entails: Removing weeds from paths, pruning, spreading mulch, trimming grassy areas, cutting small trees.

Contact: Deb Hogan @ 828-557-4359

Penland Senior CenterLocation: Murphy, NC.

Project entails: Planting perennials in planting bed and around bench, maintaining hostas, planting bed maintenance.

Contact: Adelle Boyer-Weiss @ 410-490-4308

Murphy RiverwalkLocation: Murphy, NC.

Project entails: Cutting down weeds, maintenance around memorial trees, pruning, trash pick-up.

Contact: James Sullivan @ 941-266-3410

Riverwalk Native Polinator Garden

Location: Murphy, NC.

Project entails: Planting, mulching, weeding, watering.

Contact: Tom Benecke @ 828-644-5885


Valley River Humane SocietyLocation: Marble, NC.

Project entails: Mulching, weeding, planting bed maintenance.

Contact: Jeff & Nancy Doughman @ 513-460-8111

Valleytown Cultural Arts & Historical SocietyLocation: Andrews, NC.

Rework front planting bed, remove shrubs and trees, plant native flowers and plants, create butterfly garden around sign.

Contact: Nola Cooper @ 828-541-2765

These projects are Master Gardener participation, only:

elementary-schoolsLocation: Cherokee County, NC. Assist with 4-H programs concerning gardening and pollinators, maintain raised beds, plant natives for pollinator garden. Spring & Summer
HAVENLocation: Peachtree, NC.

Maintenance of planting beds, pruning, weeding, spreading mulch.


Christmas ParadesLocation: Andrews, NC & Murphy, NC. Design and build a float to represent CCEMGV in both parades. Operation and management on day of parade. Float is built at the County Extension Shed in Marble. Oct. through Nov.
Murphy Art WalkLocation: Murphy, NC. Set up and man booth to promote CCEMGV during the monthly event, May through Dec.
Fall DisplaysLocation: All of Cherokee County. Design and procure materials for displays, contact businesses for sales, assemble decor needed for displays, delivery and set up of displays, tear down displays. Sept. through Nov. Learn More
Native Plant SaleLocation: All of Cherokee County. Members promote and sell plug packages. Assemble plug packages upon arrival of plugs, man pick-up site, pot unsold plugs for later use. April. Learn More

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